Agents of Retribution (Part I)

Chapter Five:  Lietuvēns In the grand scheme of human history, we don’t have to take a stroll too far down Memory Lane to find a time when Latvia was one of the richest countries in Europe.  Throughout the 1930s, Latvians enjoyed a standard of living that eclipsed Finland and Denmark.  Indeed, Latvians were the highest […]

The 9th of May

Chapter Four: Lietuvēns Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for me to tell you a tale that highlights the dangers involved when a man allows his “big head” to be controlled by his “little head”.  First, let’s flash back to a time well over seven decades ago. On the 9th of May, 1945, the final German […]

Vanquishing a Villain in Ventspils (Part II)

Chapter Three (continued): Lietuvēns Dita Kaķīte-Bezbikse strutted through the door, her Sophia Webster Evangeline white and rose gold leather sandals making a clopping sound across the Noir Belge marble tiles at the entry to the executive suite.  As usual for any visit she made to the Lipšitzs lair, her dark charcoal Versace v-neck dress sleekly […]

Delta, before he became Delta (Part III)

Chapter Two (continued): Lietuvēns Delta stood outside 1 Impasse de la Croix Pommier in Fontenay-sous-Boir, in the eastern suburbs of Paris.  Looking up at the arched hallway in front of him, he saw Fort de Nogent inscribed in the stone.  That’s what he was looking for.  Necessity, not ambition, had brought him to this place. The week […]

Delta, before he became Delta (Part II)

Chapter Two (continued): Lietuvēns Valērijs Kapustins poured himself a glass of Remy Martin Louis XIII on ice.  The ice was made from water secretly imported from Ölfus Spring in Iceland.  Kapustins never consumed water from Latvia because he feared being poisoned.  At just over 6000 euros a bottle, it was the lowest priced drink he’d […]

Delta, before he became Delta (Part I)

Chapter Two: Lietuvēns Anger is a potent driving force.  It’s far more powerful than love or even lust.  Anger regularly destroys what love has created.  Even lust, which has also destroyed love all too many times in the past, cannot overpower anger.  As a demon, I have often entertained my wicked desire for female humans […]